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ONCE IN A LIFETIME is a new television series telling the story of one man's redemption through his efforts to help a young band (CLAYTON-ELLIS) achieve success in the music business.

GRANT PETERS is a London-born 43 year-old ex-rockstar who has struggled his whole life with the legacy of mental illness his family genes bestowed upon him. Having never met his father - whom he presumes not to have been crazy - he has been granted some degree of reprieve, as he manages to keep things together fifty percent of the time. That said, the abandonment of his music career with his own band GRANTED on the eve of massive success has haunted him for the past twenty years. As a result, he has wandered from pillar to post, living off residual royalty cheques and trying his hand at a number of careers - none of which have held his attention for long.

Accompanied by ex-special forces operative turned roadie GIMPY, continually tortured by old acquaintances VIC and AL, and supported through thick and thin by best friend MIA, he sets about applying his admittedly out-of-date know-how to the modern music business with often hilarious results.

The band: HENRY (23) a wealthy kid with a giant heart and one foot in reality, and CLAYTON (21) a working class poet with a tendency towards the tragic, along with groupie turned band adoptee NIGHTMARE, have no idea what they have signed up for.

What makes ONCE IN A LIFETIME truly unique is the fact that CLAYTON (HOPKINS) and HENRY (ELLIS) are real-life musicians and CLAYTON-ELLIS is their real-life band. The boys live in New York, and are currently finishing their debut LP. Each episode of the show is named for one of their songs. All the music in the show is written and/or performed by the band.

Creator's Biography

ONCE IN A LIFETIME is based on Stephen A. Harris’s experiences in the music industry throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Born in London, Stephen grew up in industrial South Wales. He co-founded seminal indie label Fierce Recordings (Sonic Youth, Jesus & Mary Chain, Pooh Sticks) at sixteen.

In 1985 he became a member of Britain’s most written-about rock band of the era, Zodiac Mindwarp & the Love Reaction. In 1987 he joined The Cult for their Electric album and tour. In 1988, at the invitation of Electric producer Rick Rubin, Stephen formed The Four Horsemen and signed to Rubin's new Def-American label. The Four Horsemen went on to become the most played new rock band on American radio in 1991.

Between 1988 – 1992 Harris played and/or recorded with Appetite For Destruction era Guns ‘N Roses, The Beastie Boys, Danzig, Tone Loc, and Sam Kinison to name a few. He also composed music for such films as Days Of Thunder, Lost Angels, and Billy Crudup’s debut, Grind. He also worked on an early version of Reservoir Dogs, and Ben Stiller’s Reality Bites.

Stephen left the music industry in 1992. Having spent much of the nineties travelling the world rock-climbing, he took a job on Wall Street in 1999. His company offices were destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. Prompted by his experiences at Ground Zero during the following days, he decided to return to school. Stephen graduated with honors from Columbia University and went on to study medicine at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York from 2008-2012.


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